Travlr Co. was born out of a desire to create beautiful products and services for travelers. Our goal is to make it easier than ever for the modern traveler to have a safe, stress-free journey–even if they are hitchhiking, camping, couch surfing, hostel-hopping, going abroad without using cellphone data, and otherwise journeying in ways that can lead to potential dangers and hassles. Modern travel is wrought with unnecessary hassles that detract from the journey itself and everything it has to offer. Valuable time is spent doing research on the myriad of services and information required; including but not limited to: transportation options, lodging options, wifi availability, cell service, currency exchange, city information and connection to locals, other travelers and local events, diet-friendly food options, basic phrases in the local language, offline maps, and more. Most visitors centers, local governments and travel websites don’t even provide the most essential information to travelers. Budget transportation and lodging are sometimes difficult to arrange. Avid travelers are experts at tracking all this information down, but storing it and keeping it handy on a smartphone, especially offline, is a chore.

Our ultimate goal is to build products that put all of these travel hassles and missing services in the past. Our first product is an app called Hchhkr. It’s a carpool ridesharing app that connects you with locals or other travelers already planning to travel a similar route, willing to sell you a seat in their vehicle for a reasonable fee. It can even be used for short distances and reoccurring trips, and the driver sets the price. This is already a popular mode of travel all across Europe, and for good reason. It’s more comfortable and faster than most trains and buses, and often times cheaper. It’s much cheaper than renting a car or taking a taxi, and since the driver is already going from point A to point B, its better for the environment and roadway congestion. Plus, you have the added bonus of meeting another traveler or local (your driver) who may be friendly enough to give you tips about the city you’re traveling to. It’s a wonderful alternative to conventional modes of transportation while traveling.

Our second product will be a website/app called Bckpkr. For more information on either app, please contact us below.